A letter to our customers

To our friends and patrons of the JJC and Jack Henry Coffee Roasters,


When we think of Jolts, we can't help but also think about all of the other neighborhood locally owned coffee shops and restaurants that are being faced with hard times. These independent businesses mean the world to us all, and each inspires us in different ways. The culinary and restaurant community is being severely impacted by COVID-19. 

These are unprecedented and challenging times we all face, but we face it together. For some, the challenges ahead will be more difficult than for others. There are many realities that will surface in the days and weeks ahead.  Unfortunately, one reality is that no one is going to go unscathed through this crisis. We are going to see and feel an enormous amount of emotional, physical and mental distress, and financial pain. We all will feel this in our own individual way. The panic and protection policy’s put in place are evidenced in our stores. Empty grocery shelves, school closures, business and restaurants shutting down, thousand laid off in our own community, and millions around the country in the weeks ahead. This is a lot to cope with. One would think this is the end our existence - not so!

My Family moved to Ontario in 1983. I have witnessed, as all of you have, the tremendous resiliency in the surrounding area over the last 35 + years. Some good, some not so good but good enough for thousands of residents to establish jobs, set down roots, and owners in all types of industries and professions to risk it all and put out their shingle and call this area home. In doing so we all staked a claim, maybe unknowingly, to support one another, especially in difficult times with Covid-19 being one of the greatest challenges any of us have experienced.  With all the issues at hand there are positives. Losing something or having none, or very little control creates one's own reality check on many areas of life and ones business.  


We go through our own check list –


Spiritual assessment, Of ourselves and family, are we prepared?  


Economies change and people do as well. But over the years what has not changed is the relationship, spirit, and support our communities have given local businesses.


There is not a business that can survive without that support. Our lifeline is your patronage. 


Through customers support over the years you, our customers, have created many a success story. Not just business success but the success of our youth and others.  Local business are a stepping stone to building a work ethic in individuals and the responsibility to provide for themselves in their years ahead. 


Support is the result of friendships coming from trust, the result of which is a relationship.


Restaurants in our community are merely the channel their patrons choose to support our local economy. Collectively, patrons in this community spend millions of dollars throughout the year in support of each any every establishment in the area.  Without the support of the business community as a whole, the trickle down effect will be devastating to our community, in many different areas and many different ways.


Here at Jolts we want to assure all of you …….

1.  We will continue to operate in a safe and commonsense manner for your protection and ours.

2.   We will continue to operate, staying open to serve your request everyday.

3.  We will continue to keep you posted of any changes that may effect you.

4. We will continue to think outside of the box as to how we may serve you best.

5. We will continue to give 100% effort in giving you the value you have given us.

6. We will continue in our heart, mind and spirit to THANK YOU.  Your support is our companies biggest asset


In closing, we can not thank you all enough for your generosity and sacrifice. With that said we are going through uncharted waters.….Godspeed to all in our ever unfolding Journey!


Jolts and Juice Company 

Todd and Vicki and The Entire Crew❤️







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