About Jack Henry Coffee Roasters

Since 2003, Jack Henry Coffee Roasters has been creating premium coffee with a drum roaster in small batches of 20 pounds or less at the Jolts & Juice Coffeehouse in Downtown Ontario, OR. We don’t use hot air and we don’t roast our beans in batches of hundreds of pounds, like some mega coffee companies. It’s more work for us, but it’s worth it. Our small batches provide a better roast flavor for you, every time.

Our coffees are roasted with 100% Arabica beans at 2150 feet above sea level on the high desert plains of Eastern Oregon, the gateway to the Northwest coffee sceneso you get a fresh, premium flavor in every cup.


Experience the Difference

If you haven’t experienced our coffee, you’re missing one of life’s greatest pleasures.

• All of our hand-selected coffee beans are slow-roasted in small batches so you get a premium coffee experience with every cup.
• Our small batch roasting ensures your coffee is masterfully prepared to guarantee maximum freshness.
• Every batch is personally taste-tested by one of our two Master Roasters.
• No flavoring added. Each batch is crafted with the residual coffee oils to bring out the natural flavors hidden in every bean.

The only thing better than our small batch coffee roaster is good ‘ol air and water.

The story behind the image

Set in the Pacific Islands in the mid-1940’s, the large Naval cargo seaplane flying on the cover of Jack Henry Coffee Roasters bags is the Martin JRM-Mars. At the time, the Martin Mars was the largest operational seaplane in the world, ferrying cargo and personnel from the states to coffee regions in the South Pacific Islands.

On 4 March 1949, the Caroline Mars set a new world passenger load record by carrying 269 people from San Diego to Alameda, CA. Only seven planes were produced. U.S. Navy Lt. Joseph L. Heinz (father of Jack Henry Coffee owner, Todd Heinz) proudly piloted one of the planes and the rest is history. Three of the planes were dismantled at the end of WWII and four were later converted into the largest water bombers ever used to fight forest fires.

Each flight carried big, bold missions just as each bag of Jack Henry Coffee Roasters is filled with a proud, rich heritage. Enjoy the journey!